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Lovelux Baths branched from Lovelux Décor. Lovelux Décor is a family business and life brand than focuses on Life/Love/Luxury and we bring that concept to all our products. 

Hydrotherapy has been used for decades to soothe the body, mind and soul. Natural elements, water soluble plant therapy, thermal medicine combined with water bring transformative and luxurious healing. Who wouldn’t want to experience this? 

I hope you find a product that fits your needs and bring the bliss, love and peace to your life and bath experience.

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I am busy working mom, wife and girlboss, I need daily self-care and self-love rituals to maintain my balance, peace and love for myself and others. The bliss I experience I want to bring to others to experience as well. 

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Explore Love Lux Décor

We provide design, ambiance setting and convenience for special occasions for a one of a kind experience.

Lovelux Décor serves your ambiance setting and celebration needs. We create and nurture and our attention to detail separates us from others. Whether hotels, air bnb and private homes, outdoor setting we provide our absolute best. Seeking a romantic dinner for two? Want a luxurious bath ? Birthday party? Anniversary? Sensual experience look no further, we will provide all your needs by transforming your event into a truly unique experience. 

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